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How to Tell the Difference Between Anxiety and Stress

August 14, 2023
Anxiety and stress, although related, are two distinct psychological experiences that affect a significant portion of the population. While both can cause similar physical and emotional symptoms, understanding the nuanced...

Personal Stories: Triumph Over Eating Disorders

June 5, 2023
In the arduous journey of overcoming eating disorders, personal stories of triumph serve as beacons of hope, inspiration, and resilience. This article presents a series of heartfelt narratives from individuals...

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment Approaches

June 1, 2023
Bipolar disorder is a complex mental health condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It is characterized by extreme mood swings, ranging from periods of elevated, manic episodes to periods...

Understanding Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide

May 30, 2023
Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that affect millions of individuals worldwide. They involve disturbances in eating behaviors and attitudes, leading to severe physical and psychological consequences. This comprehensive...

When is the right time to see a psychiatrist?

February 21, 2023
For many people, the decision to seek out a psychiatrist can be a difficult one, as it requires admitting that you may need professional help with your mental health. However,...

Announcing Deep TMS Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach

July 31, 2022
Stedfast Psychiatry is proud to announce that we can now offer Deep TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy to our patients.

How Can Psychiatrists Help People with Autism?

May 31, 2022
If you are a caregiver looking after an individual with autism, there are many ways that a psychiatrist would be able to help both you and the patient with autism....

Sarah Connor, a Nondelusional Minority

May 2, 2022
This is the first in a series of brief monthly articles examining and relating imaginary fictional or historical figures to issues pertinent to us from a psychiatric perspective. The character...