Just Like Us: A Psychiatric Analysis of Fictional and Historical Characters

Just Like Us: A Psychiatric Analysis of Fictional and Historical Characters

Starting in May, we will be launching a monthly series of articles which will examine and analyze the minds of fictional characters and famous historical figures from a psychiatric perspective. Each month, we will be taking a look at a different person or character. 

The psychiatric analysis will be conducted by Dr. Peter Gobar. Dr. Gobar has a lifetime of experience as a movie lover and student of history, as well as over 22 years of experience as a psychiatrist. In fact, in medical school Dr. Gobar started the Psychiatry Film Club, a club whose goal was to “stimulate formulaitive thinking and discussion of films with a definite psychiatric / psychological bent.” 

The goals of this series of articles will be to educate the public about various psychiatric conditions experienced by real people by examining fictional and historical persons who were afflicted with those conditions. We also hope these articles will be enjoyable and entertaining to those who simply wish to take a deeper look into the historical or fictional persons that inspire or resonate with them.

Shakespeare once said that art is like a mirror, held up to nature. In art, such as movies and books, we can often see reflections of ourselves or people we know. The same goes for famous historical figures, with people learning about those who came before and seeing parallels or drawing distinctions between themselves and a historical figure or character from fiction.

While we hope some people find these articles enjoyable and entertaining, we do not wish to take away from the fact that while the conditions suffered by some of the subjects of the article are truly debilitating conditions suffered by real people who are living and often suffering with them. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and others are often conditions that reduce the quality of life for those experiencing them. 

If you, or anyone you love, may be suffering with a mental condition, we strongly encourage you to seek help from a licensed psychiatrist. With most psychiatric offices offering telehealth visits and appointments, it has never been easier for people to get the help they need. 

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